Infinitely Scalable and Secure Cloud Storage

Project Background

The client contacted Asapy with a request for a dedicated development team capable of taking over a project started by another vendor and suspended at an early phase due to unsatisfactory communications and lack of skills necessary for developing a highly innovative and performance-critical cloud solution.

The project had been on halt for some time, and after receiving a round of investments, the client made a decision to resume it with a new development team.

The key requirement for the new development partner was its ability to deliver across a wide gamut of technologies and platforms, including desktop and mobile, and offer a complete set of services, from business analysis and development to quality assurance, support and creation of comprehensive project documentation.


UnlimCloud is a unique cloud storage service (SaaS) available for major desktop and mobile platforms. Offering functionality similar to that of Dropbox or OneDrive, this service brings users unlimited and infinitely scalable cloud storage space, full synchronization between various devices and best in class data security. The product is based on unique proprietary data storage and encryption algorithms that ensure smooth, hassle-free and behind-the-scenes distribution of users’ data across various could storage accounts.

From the very first release, UnlimCloud will be available for the following popular platforms:

  • Windows Desktop
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Windows Phone
  • IOS
  • Android

How It Works

UnlimCloud has a unique architecture and engine that enable users to sign up once, specify at least one existing cloud storage account and enjoy the benefits of unlimited cloud space for the period of their subscription. The system joins all user’s storage accounts into a single container and merges it with other users’ containers to create a massive and nearly infinitely scalable grid of cloud spaces. When necessary, the program can automatically create new cloud storage accounts to accommodate the growing needs of the system. In addition to unlimited storage quotas, UnlimCloud offers unprecedented failover and data security features, enabling users to access their data even if the source cloud account becomes unavailable. Users’ files are protected with industry-standard encryption algorithms that, combined with decentralized storage methods, effectively rule out the possibility of data theft or unauthorized access.

Some of the actions available to users are:

  • Share an item by sending a link
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Download to a device
  • Move to another folder
  • Sort by size, name, date
  • Synchronize
  • View the activity log
  • Add folders and configure their synchronization options
  • Share storage space with other people

The service uses Java and JavaScript for the back-end and UI, and corresponding technologies for client applications for different platforms.

Development process

The project was initially started with a different development team. The cooperation lasted about a year and was terminated due to customer’s dissatisfaction with quality, terms of work and efficiency of the communication process. The client approached Asapy and suggested that the project be started from scratch with proper planning, business analysis and other activities that would ensure its successful and timely completion. SCRUM was used as the primary process for the project.

The main difficulty that Asapy faced from day one was to assemble a team of developers equally well-versed in high-load, scalable cloud solutions, data encryption, and cross-platform development for a number of operating systems. The company successfully solved the problem and acted as a single product development outsourcing team providing end-to-end services to the client. Efficient communications and deep technical expertise of Asapy’s engineers made it possible to deliver the product on time and on budget.


Asapy utilized the latest technologies during development:

  • JAVA
  • Android
  • Web Services
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • HTML & Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaFX
  • Spring Framework


UnlimCloud is entering a closed beta-testing phase and will be soon made available to the general public. The required functionality has been implemented in its entirety, and some new elements suggested by Asapy have also become a part of the product. The team has fully met the client’s expectations in terms of performance, competence and ability to efficiently coordinate its activities to reach set goals, meet and exceed initial expectations.

Apart from the solution itself the company supplied the customer with complete project documentation, which will dramatically facilitate support and maintenance of the platform by any vendor.

Some of the top achievements of the Asapy team in this project are:

  • Quick creation of a multidisciplinary team of developers and QA specialists working as a single dedicated software development outsourcing team
  • Efficient project management based on agile methodologies than helped align several concurrent branches of development and converge them in a single point later on to ensure timely product delivery
  • Utilization of the latest technologies and suitable development patterns to create a unique cloud-based storage service with unmatched scalability and state-of-the-art architecture