We funnel our efforts into delivering full-cycle software development services.

We shall not claim we are a one-stop software services company with a questionable across-the-board capability. Our objective has been to gain and share niche knowledge and deliver excellent customer service, instead of trying to be equally skilled in every buzzed service.

As practice shows, ASAPY brings the most value within a development hour in several key areas where the established processes and project delivery approach best leverage the background of our team and the domain expertise accumulated at in-house competency centers.

Product development outsourcing

ASAPY has evolved into a smart provider of outsourced product development services for a number of well-grounded reasons. We converted our hands-on experience, world’s standards, latest software development methodologies and instruments to develop a proprietary approach to a successful PDO engagement with an ISV or a software product business of any size and specialization.

  • Smart product knowledge transfer is essential. By delegating a dedicate professional analyst at the earliest project stage we help speed up the job transition phase (or ASAPY’s team introduction into the established process). This brings tangible budget optimization as there is no idle time for the team and corresponding overheads are minimized.
  • Whichever engagement model you prefer – be it a direct engagement of ASAPY team, or an indirect involvement as a second-tier provider on larger projects, at peak times or when a specific skill is needed, – we have the ability to plug-in into the established development process and integrate smoothly with every process component.
  • ASAPY offers flexibility and scalability – alongside diverse tech competencies, we are able to provide development resource extension with fast further team ramp-up with the best software engineering talent.

Talk to our PDO Tech expert to learn how we ensure faster knowledge transfer or to discuss the engagement options that best suit your situation.

Web development

Asapy covers the entire range of web development services spanning from simple promo sites to massive online solutions serving hundreds and thousands of concurrently active users. The company’s experts are well-versed in all modern web development platforms, languages and tools, and are able to deliver scalable and fault-tolerant rich Internet applications across multiple technological and business domains.

Apart from developing web applications from scratch, the company offers legacy application migration services that breathe new life into outdated enterprise applications and take their functionality online and into the cloud for universal access, round-the-clock availability and all-new features meeting the expectations of today’s users. We also have a proven track record of providing professional audit, consulting and business analysis services in the field of web development that help our clients get more value from their software development initiatives and solves their business problems in a more efficient and expedient manner.

Custom application development

ASAPY is best positioned to deliver full-cycle custom application development services to address the unique challenges of your company or institution. With deep roots in software engineering and a proven track record in business analysis and requirement management, ASAPY is a smart technological partner, rather than a plainspoken doer.

Our staff, individually and as fully-functional dedicated teams, are trained to kick off a project in the snap of a finger because we know what a huge role time-to-market plays for our corporate clients, and how cost optimization is valued within Enterprise IT organizations.

Our project managers and solution architects think out of the box to utilize our capabilities across Java, PHP, and .NET technological stacks and deliver efficient solutions along with RUP, Agile, SCRUM methodologies that are tailored to your current business need and help follow the strategy in the future.

Mobile development

Fully recognizing the ever-growing importance of mobile technologies, Asapy has been actively involved in mobile software development projects for the major platforms since its very foundation.

To date, the company has accumulated considerable experience in creating native (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and cross-platform (HTML5 and hybrid) applications for various industries, ranging from simple marketing apps to advanced mobile applications with complex business logic and heavy data exchange with the web part and external data sources.

We develop apps using the most reliable, tried and tested tools and components, placing much emphasis on design, overall user experience and security of data exchange. No matter what type of project you need help with, we will demonstrate deep understanding of mobile trends, pick the most appropriate toolset and make sure that your application delivers additional value for your customers, employees and business in general.

Application integration

Integration of heterogeneous, ever-growing systems developed in-house or by a third party, as well as custom or commercial products, is a challenging task that requires ultimate attention to detail – from requirements to acceptance testing and further support. Our experts successfully handle application integration issues without disrupting the existing production landscape and the established business processes to guarantee:

  • Data integrity
  • Uninterrupted workflow
  • Stability of applications
  • Efficiency boost
  • Decrease in operating overheads
  • Lower software maintenance costs

In accordance with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Automation (BPA), and Master Data Management (MDM) best practices, ASAPY helps modernize and transform your current ecosystem to get rid of duplicated data and functionality, support decision-making and business development while maximizing the value of all integral elements:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Portals and Intranets
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • eCommerce

Support & Maintenance

Few – if any – projects end immediately after being delivered to the customer. As a rule, every solution requires ongoing professional support and maintenance, especially during the initial phase of its public operation. Asapy offers a wide gamut of S&M services aimed at minimizing the downtime of clients’ solutions, ensuring their uninterrupted operation and timely updates, as well as fulfilling their intended business purposes.

Asapy can work as a 2nd or 3rd support service provider and solve technical issues on an ongoing basis, letting the customer concentrate on their business strategy and customer service. Out team of software engineers is fully capable of working autonomously, interacting with end users and quickly resolving issues arising from the use of the client’s software.

Application testing and QA

ASAPY’s Quality Management System allows transparent and thorough defect management and reporting. We deliver software QA consulting and application testing services to cover the whole spectrum of system characteristics and make sure the delivered solution is stable, looks and performs as was intended by the product owner during the project planning phase.

Starting with the requirements and specification analysis and review, the independent team of seasoned QA specialists provide end-to-end testing services using a strong toolset and latest SQA techniques across a variety of testing frameworks and environments:

  • Integration testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Functional testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Web applications testing
  • Test automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Installation testing
  • Security testing
  • UI/UX Testing

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