Mobile Development

Combining smart approach to mobile development and practical experience of 35+ completed projects, ASAPY helps our clients save up to 30% of development time and costs.

We create breakthrough native and cross platform mobile applications for corporate business, online retail, e-learning, content delivery, instant communication, and entertainment. With 10+ dedicated mobile department we perform as a “one-stop” vendor for web-based projects and mobile applications.

What we do

  • Native and cross platform mobile application development
  • Tailored apps for tablets
  • Mobile web development & optimization
  • Application support & migration to a new interface

Benefits of ASAPY dedicated teams

For ASAPY being mobile is a part of our lifestyle. As a mobile application development company we keep finger on the pulse of new iOS, Android and cross-platform development technologies to offer you:

Turnkey mobile solutions

We’ll take care of all development activities – from documentation and user interface prototyping, development and cross-device mobile testing, to submitting your app to AppStore and Google Market. You get a tailored result without concentrating on routine processes.

Greater user engagement

We empower your business by focusing on application forecasted performance and user experience. Our analysts concentrate on its business logics, while designers introduce user interface improvements to increase engagement, reduce battery and memory use.

Integration with enterprise systems

ASAPY has hands-on experience in delivering complex B2E applications that give your employees access to important data and corporate communication tools from their smart phones or tablets. They stay “in” the working process even being “out” of the office, thus contributing to your company’s greater flexibility.

Enterprise Ready Mobile Application Development

ASAPY helps companies launch mobile access to data and services provided by their existing software (ERP, CRM, ECM, CPM, HRM and other enterprise systems) through integration with a corporate systems’ back-end through an API focusing on smooth integration, performance and data protection.

  • Business logics
  • Business data
  • Business processes
Mobile Application

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

We develop applications adjusted to platforms of your choice using a single code database and deliver native and cross platform solutions, which include both HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Greater reach – one app can work on multiple mobile platforms
  • Easy to support – more platforms, any code, updates are immediately made available on all the platforms
  • Reduced time-to-market – one application instead of many
  • Up to 30% less cost – faster ROI and more cost effective application maintenance in the long run

ASAPY mobile domain expertise

Our project experience covers native mobile application development that allows users to access enterprise data and receive orders, share content, stream video , play games, and exchange instant messages, and use GPS navigation.

ASAPY portfolio of successfully completed projects includes:

Corporate mobile applications

We design mobile solutions seamlessly integrated into our clients’infrastructure that ensure secure instant access to CRM, accounting, BI, store management and other types of enterprise software while securely protecting the data.

Mobile applications for restaurants, food delivery services and online retailers

We provide e-commerce application integration with payment systems, WMS and existing accounting software for order receiving and reporting while also ensuring its high performance and clear user interface.

Content delivery apps

E-magazines, mobile book readers, etc. ASAPY has a rich experience in development of mobile applications for the e-learning industry, which includes e-libraries with secure content protection, mobile tests and quizzes, access to online LMS, etc.

Promo apps for marketing communications

We can deliver both image-building applications to increase your brand awareness and apps for specific marketing events that require QR or promo codes processing. In these types of solutions we focus on adaptive design to ensure your application is correctly displayed on all types of smartphones and tablets.

Game development

We are enthusiastic about turning your inspiring ideas into chart-topping entertaining and educational games. This involves delivering high-end graphics, catchy game logics, ensuring mobile testing and submitting your game to App Store and/or Google Market.

Mobile QA

Our dedicated QA team handles comprehensive mobile testing to make sure your applications are compatible with mobile browsers and perfectly run on the required platforms.

ASAPY business analysts and mobile developers provide custom full-cycle services – from selecting target mobile devices, defining mobile QA strategy , functionality, UI, design, integration vision to KPI, quality and user experience improvement guidance.


iOS SDK, cocoa touch, coca pods, git, test fligh tsdk, ZBarSDK

  • Server: AFNetworking, JSONKit
  • Database: Core Data/SQLite
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica
  • Maps: Google Maps API, MapKit

Core Java, Android SDK, Android NDK, Maven, Android Maven

  • Server: Async HTTP lib
  • Database: SQLite, ormlite
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica
  • Maps: Google Maps API, MapKit

Monotouch, Xamarin, Titanium, Phonegap, Sencha Touch, Jquery Mobile, Ionic Framework

  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica
  • Maps: Google Maps API, MapKit

Mobile Web. Web-site optimization for mobile devices

By leveragingadvanced web development experience, and using HTML5, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, AJAX technologies ASAPY can offer:

  • Designing web-sites for mobile devices
  • Optimizing existingweb-sites for mobile surfing

Many companies choose to give their clients a freedom of choice, either to use a mobile app, or to browse a web-site from mobile device.

Ready to go mobile?

Whether you are looking to develop a mobile application for your business or end customers, you can benefit from ASAPY expertise; best practices and insider industry experience gained in 35+ successful projects to reach ou to millions of your potential customers and stay connected with them 24/7. Contact us to discuss your project objectives.