Quality Assurance

As a full-cycle software development company ASAPY is committed to delivering supreme quality turn-key solutions to ISVs and software product businesses.

We look beyond the technical specification and expand the focus to your final business goals, which usually involve faster time-to-market, optimized development and maintenance costs, and spotless product quality.

At ASAPY we provide software quality assurance both as an integral part of a development project and as a stand-alone service as well.

ASAPY software quality assurance services

Our independent 15+ team of QA professionals provides a comprehensive variety of testing services, including QA consulting, to meet your project objectives.

Software Quality Assurance Service ASAPY Value to Your Business

Functional Testing

We employ front-rank testing tools and methodologies to make sure your applications operate bug-free and are totally compliant with the functional requirements.

Performance Testing

By keeping your software at peak load level, we evaluate system behavior and its performance. Furthermore, ASAPY takes performance testing to the next level and, based on test results, provides detailed recommendations on performance improvement.

Mobile Testing

Our comprehensive mobile testing is seamlessly integrated into development process to make sure your applications are compatible with numerous devices and perfectly running on the required platforms and devices.

Web Application

We have expertise of providing complete testing for web applications, including enterprise web-solutions, e-commerce websites, portals, and social networks with a maximal coverage workflow and clear reporting to make them ready to go online.

UI/UX Testing

We stick to a goal-oriented approach and focus not only on functionality and graphical UI understandability, but on business logic and application productivity as well.

Cross-browser Testing

ASAPY QA team makes sure that your website or application is running correctly in all browsers and their versions including mobile.

Test Automation

Smart test automation allows our clients to avoid low-productive manual routines and run more tests in a shorter period. We leverage a wide range of test automation tools to significantly reduce release cycles and optimize your costs.

ASAPY software QA consulting

ASAPY provides QA consulting that gives you access to our proven testing experience across several business domains.

ASAPY QA consulting range of services covers:

  • Defining project goals and processes
  • Integrating QA into the current development process
  • Recommending a testing approach. Creating and defining a test plan
  • Selecting tools, methodologies and QA team members
  • QA process optimization, including KPI selection and continuous process of KPI-based improvements
  • Creating QA documentation with testing results based on the project objectives

5 facts about ASAPY QA team

  • 15+ QA engineers
  • 3+ years - average experience in QA
  • 2,5 FTES average QA team
  • 95% retention
  • Team members in software business since 1998

Benefits of ASAPY software quality assurance services

By choosing ASAPY as a software development or testing provider, our customers receive additional flexibility, business value and project cost benefits.

Objective approach to software quality

ASAPY QA department works independently from development teams. Thus we provide unbiased attitude to application quality and speed up the project delivery as QA engineers can work in parallel with developers.

Reduced project costs

We test every interim deliverable to ensure early detection of possible defects. Strategic approach, combined with test automation, helps us significantly reduce release cycles and optimize your costs up to 30%.

On-demand availability and scalability

Even if you have a testing team in-house, 7 out of 10 customers benefit from adding additional QA resource. ASAPY gives you a quick access to our 15+ testing team when and where you need it.

Reduced time-to-market

ASAPY QA team smoothly integrates into project starting from the requirement-gathering stage and helps to offer the most effective test plan from the very early stage. ASAPY QA services reduce time-to-market up to 50%.

Mature project management

We employ Agile and SCRUM methodologies or use your selected methodologies and toolkits. ASAPY provides transparent reporting and defect management at every stage of the project. A dedicated project manager can organize both ASAPY and your in-house team smooth cooperation.

ASAPY software quality assurance process

Our flexible QA team can follow a classic approach to testing processes or adjust our standard workflow to your specific project conditions.

QA project life cycle

Project initiation

ASAPY QA team can join the project at any stage, from requirement gathering to implementation and maintenance phase. With 80+ completed QA projects we offer extensive expertise for pretty much every type of a software solution.

Continuous improvements

Having completed your application testing at one interim stage, we provide further continuous quality assurance services and improvements throughout development cycle and test all changes introduced to a system.

Test analysis

Based on test results, we provide expert recommendations on performance improvements and defect management to ASAPY or your in-house development team. Valuable feedback from QA team contributes to faster time-to-market, and lower overall development costs.

Knowledge transfer

Our QA engineers get access to the required project documentation to obtain a clear idea of project goals, structure and deliverables. If the documentation is not yet created, we can do a transfer from a knowledge keeper from the customer’s side, which can be performed either on-site or off-site.

Test plan definition

We define project scope, approach, test methods, schedule, objectives of each phase, toolset, resources, and responsibilities. A smart planning makes the process totally transparent to the customer, and ensures that the most important parts of the software will be paid special attention to.

Test execution

We run all manual and/or automated tests in compliance with approved test plan and provide clear reporting about activities performed and defects detected. The format of the reporting may be customized based on the most important criteria for the customer.

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