Support and Maintenance

Whether you are looking for software re-engineering, legacy application migration, product maintenance or support, ASAPY is here to help you.

With over 60% of our projects lasting 6 months or more, ASAPY is focused on long-term partnership, therefore our dedicated Support and Maintenance department offers 24/7 services both for ASAPY and 3rd party projects.

ASAPY approach to support and maintenance

We go beyond a classic approach to support and maintenance, and improve, migrate or extend your software to make it stay in line with evolving business requirements and technology progress.

At ASAPY we refer to support and maintenance wider than just keeping your software up and running. What we offer is a next generation support thatensures your software timely enhancements and adjustments. We deliver actionable value to your software and provide:

Increased productivity combined with improved performance

Based on the initial analysis and testing, ASAPY engineers introduce minor and major improvements to your software code that accelerate your application just like smart engine upgrade speeds up a race car.

Extended scalability

Aimed to maximize your return on software investment. Sometimes implementation of a new module to your legacy application may require a major upgrade to make sure the new functionality will work as required. Therefore we leverage innovative technologies to ensure your application scalability across a fast-growing number of legacy, hosted and proprietary systems.

Reduced total cost of ownership

By migrating your software to the new easy to support technologies, we significantly lower your TCO. To the clients looking to reduce operating expenses, we offer 24/7 outsourced support, which has proved to be a cost-effective alternative to in-house support teams.

What we do

The broad range of ASAPY flexible support and maintenance services can be grouped into three categories:


We provide 2nd (administrative technical support) and 3rd (back-end technical support) level services for applications developed by ASAPY and 3rd party vendors, which includes bug fixing, overall system maintenance and prompt response to critical issues to make sure your application keeps running 24/7.


ASAPY has successfully completed over a dozen of projects involving software migration to new easy to support technologies, which allows us to evaluate your legacy system, collect user and shareholders’ feedback, select the most appropriate technology stack based on your business requirements and do the job. We can re-develop your application from scratch, deploy it to a new environment or hosting platform, migrate the data and map it to your business process and integrate with legacy databases or any other sources of information if needed.

New modules integration

ASAPY engineers extend your current application or legacy system to keep it relevant to your present needs and business objectives. Even if your original project documentation is missing, we can do reverse engineering of the current code, do the knowledge transfer from your team and proceed with further improvements to your system.

ASAPY team at a glance

ASAPY applications support and maintenance

Depending on the type of the project, we can either assign a support engineer after its launch, or agree on a convenient support option later.

You can choose one of ASAPY flexible billing types, which can be a fixed amount of support hours per month/week, or a “pay as you go” option on time and materials basis.

Regardless of the support model chosen, we guarantee the highest possible quality of the service, involvement of competent employees and thorough investigation of the issue(s) at hand until their full resolution.

3RD party applications support and maintenance

ASAPY is open for cooperation with companies who already own software products, legacy applications, or run a development project with an external company. Our services are targeted to:

  • Enhance or optimize functionality of existing products
  • Project rescue to overtake the project from another vendor to complete it as required
  • Migrate legacy software to a new scalable and easy to support technology

How we work


At early project stages we organize project kick-off meeting with client’s representative to discuss the current situation, future business objectives and project expectations. Having completed over a dozen of migration and rescue projects we can offer an expert assessment to pretty much every situation and outline further action plan.

Knowledge transfer and source code

Our engineers get access to the required documentation and source code to get a clear idea of project scope, structure and deliverables. If the documentation is missing or not yet created, we can do a transfer from a knowledge keeper from the customer’s side.

Business analysis and documentation review

ASAPY business analysts examine your current situation, offer new technology vision and infrastructure improvements, and schedule a migration or re-engineering plan.

Maintenance and Migration

After client’s approval we implement all suggested changes, which may include:

  • Re-engineer application
  • Migrate software to a new flexible robust technology
  • Migrate data
  • Integrate new module into current application
  • Ensure application’s full compliance with business challenges of today and tomorrow

Outsourcing support is easy

Outsourcing support with ASAPY is as easy as a pie. ASAPY support engineers are available via:

  • Office and mobile phone
  • Skype
  • E-mail
  • Online bug-tracking and case submission systems
Engagement Model Working Hours Support Off-Hours Support (Mobile Support Engineers) 24/7 Support
Issue Reaction Time Reaction on critical issues within 30 minutes during working hours. Reactionon critical issues within 2 hours. Reaction on critical issues within 30 minutes 24/7.

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