Business Intelligence

Data collection systems, interactive dashboards and advanced reporting - everything to help you make timely and informed decisions reflecting your company's current standing.

The ASAPY team will help you build Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that let you analyze key metrics and results of your business, spot trends, see new opportunities, and gain an edge on your competition.

From establishing BI data mart to analytical data processing and interactive data visualization, ASAPY is the vendor you can count on. Our experience includes the development of advanced BI solutions for financial and insurance industries, data quality management solutions, and multiple data sources integration.

BI for various aspects of business

We combine simplified ad hoc query and reporting, an eye-catching interface and profound analytics to deliver enterprise BI tools suitable for multiple departments within your enterprise.


Business Intelligence solutions enable employees to see the impact of various marketing tools and events on successful leads and align their actions and marketing budgets accordingly.


Highly intuitive BI reports empower sales teams to quickly identify strong points and outliers, see correlations, recognize trends, and drive better outcomes in sales and building long-term client relationships.

Customer Support

Understanding customers’ needs and concerns takes more than intuition. BI tools help you learn more about your clients, tease out the truths in their feedback and discover opportunities to improve the customer experience and reduce call center operational costs.

Senior Executives

By using BI tools functionality we make sure that right data is delivered to the right people at the right time. So every decision maker can monitor key metrics, forecast likely business performance levels, get "what-if" analyses and make well-informed strategic steps.

ASAPY BI expertise

The ASAPY team is an alliance of mature Business Analysts and Solution Architects that help you power innovation.

  1. Our team has a proven track record in complex, both technically and in terms of their business logic, projects
  2. Our Business Analysts delve deeply into the client’s business domain and develop specifications with a high level of detail
  3. Our Solution Architects stick to the Agile approach that ensures flexible response to change and timely delivery

Take a closer look

The ASAPY team provides consulting, development and implementation services to ensure that our clients quickly start collecting and analyzing data to generate valuable business knowledge.

Our services include:

BI Assessment and Consulting

At the initial project stages the ASAPY experts analyze client’s current situation, identify bottlenecks and suggest further steps for improvement. We define data sources, select optimal reports and dashboard format and come up with a BI implementation roadmap focused on high return on investment and low TCO.

BI Tool Selection

Having a clear idea of the client’s needs in terms of BI, we suggest the optimal tool or set of tools that let them gain better alignment, better visibility and faster time to value. We recommend solutions that offer the necessary functionality for immediate needs, yet leave room for future updates and customizations.

Data mining

Data is the foundation of all BI solutions. Our solution architects streamline the data mining process and take care of extracting and collecting data from various sources: the most popular CRM and ERP solutions, sales and marketing systems, databases, as well as data sources on the most exotic types, including unstructured collections of raw data.

Data warehousing

By employing our expertise in high-load solutions, we organize data consolidation from multiple sources. Whether you prefer to build a relational data warehouse of a Big Data NoSQL solution, we organize an efficient process of extracting the data from multiple data streams and storing it in a centralized and universally accessible manner.

Deployment of ETL and OLAP tools

The ASAPY team has an extensive expertise in deploying and fine-tuning ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and multi-dimensional OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) engines. Having chosen the optimal mix of tools we manage the process of accurate data conversion and storage across a wide gamut of data sources, types and formats, as well as instant processing and analysis.

Reporting and visualization

The value which BI brings can only be realized by effective visualization of business data. Having an on-board art director and designers, we develop interactive user interfaces, dashboards and all types of well-structured documents that help managers and executives easily grasp key metrics and insights, and understand business performance.

Types of BI solutions

Depending on your preferences and objectives, we can deliver three types of enterprise-class BI solutions and services.


The ASAPY team can develop a cost-efficient bespoke BI solution from scratch tailored to your unique needs with the required level of security, functionality and detail.


Already have a BI solution or use a third-party product, plugin, extension or connector?

We’ll provide an expert assessment, outline action plan and customize it to your current objectives.

Customized BI solutions will get you up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to build software from scratch.

Integration of ready BI solutions

Need to integrate a third-party BI product in your business environment?

We’ll configure it for your business processes and surface BI results and key insights where people work most, shall it be MS Outlook, Excel or any other application used within your enterprise.

Are you looking to implement and a BI solution?

Find out what we can do for you!

Flexible engagement models

We are highly flexible when it comes to the choice of the engagement model. Please feel free to choose any of ASAPY’s billing types, ranging from dedicated teams to the “pay as you go” T&M option. Regardless of the model chosen, we ensure smart project management, smooth communication, thorough knowledge transfer and quick project kick-off.

Dedicated team

Fixed price

Time & Material

Recommended for projects: Long-term projects lasting 3+ months that need additional development resources or a fresh expert insight. Projects with a clear specification and deadlines. Project budget is calculated on the basis of man-hours actually worked and can be flexibly adjusted to the situation.

See the future of your business

Please contact us to request a zero-obligation consultation on your project. We will take a closer look at your existing infrastructure, develop recommendations and suggest an efficient implementation plan.