Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

Professional CRM implementation and customization for an efficient sales and marketing pipeline.

No matter the size of your company, your business domain and type of product/ service offered, efficient communications with current and prospective clients are the key element of your success.

A properly configured CRM system and established processes help push leads and business opportunities through the sales funnel, keep in touch with former clients, generate new deals and keep your target audience informed about your offers through marketing campaigns. Detailed CRM data are also essential for assessing the efficiency of the sales, marketing and other processes, and take corrective measures to address existing problems.

Types of services

Our deep expertise in major CRM products, understanding of business processes and ability to quickly analyze your business domain allow us to tailor virtually any product to your needs. To make it easier for your employees, we can hide/remove unnecessary features and control elements and add new ones that relate to your business reality. Finally, we can integrate your CRM with a BI platform for easier access to BI-based data or create mobile and web interfaces.

We provide a full range of CRM-related services, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Assistance with choosing a CRM solution that best meets the needs of your business
  • CRM system deployment and initial setup
  • Development of custom CRM solutions from scratch
  • Migration of your old CRM system to a new product, including data conversion and transfer of custom features
  • Data management (removal of duplicates, data conversion, formatting, mapping)
  • Process automation, creation of custom templates
  • Integration with third-party solutions, such as call-center software, mailing products, issue tracking and task management tools
  • Creation of custom dashboards and reports
  • User training
  • Support and maintenance

Problems solved

Easier decision-making

A properly configured CRM system helps make educated decision based on facts and eliminates guesswork. We can develop interactive custom dashboards containing the key parameters of your business that help detect bottlenecks or take preventive measures to avoid delays or loss of money.

Sales process automation

We can customize your CRM system and automate some of the keysegments of the sales process, such as document management, collaboration and interaction between the various departments of your company. These measures help get rid of inefficient routines and provide process transparency.

Client communications

CRM solutions can do a surprising lot to improve the quality of your communications with clients. From capturing leads and offering email marketing tools to integrating with call-centers and helpdesk systems, they substantially facilitate every aspect of your interaction with customers.

Types of solutions

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM – integration, customization and consulting
  2. SalesForce CRM – customization, development of connectors and add-ons
  3. Bespoke CRM systems – creation of custom CRM systems from scratch


All CRM-related projects are entrusted into the hands of the most experienced business analysts working shoulder-to-shoulder with senior developers who are well-familiar with the necessary technology stack. Since the development or customization of CRM solutions requires more than just coding skills, we make sure the people we assign to these projects have first-hand experience of developing enterprise-level products with complex business logic.

Start your project

Contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Our business analysts and tech leads will consult you on the choice of an optimal CRM platform, suggest an implementation roadmap and help outline the scope of customization, if needed.