E-commerce development: we create custom e-commerce solutions from ground up or customize best in class products to help you achieve your most important business goals.

ASAPY is capable of building e-commerce solutions ranging from e-carts to online auctions with payment processing systems. Having designed and implemented e-commerce projects for retailers, online merchants, enterprises and startups, we help our clients reach out to wider markets and go beyond physical boundaries.

E-commerce made easy

Whether it’s a startup or the next evolution of your operating business, we have the expertise to make it happen.

The range of solution types we provide includes, but is not limited to:

For startups

  • Web stores
  • Marketplaces and listings
  • Online auctions
  • Mobile commerce

For enterprises

  • Billing systems
  • Online payment systems
  • CRM integration
  • BI for supply chain management

For online merchants

  • Mobile extensions to existing applications
  • Shopping cart integration with payment gateways
  • Discount and loyalty programs

Multi-channel E-commerce

Meeting customers’ expectations to switch seamlessly among channels, from desktop to mobile, from web to tablet, ASAPY helps clients smartly align digital capabilities and multi-channel e-commerce.


Leveraging our expertise in service-oriented architectures and UI/UX design, we develop and implement all the necessary tools – from e-carts, online marketplaces and web-catalogs to billing, inventory management, loyalty programs and paid subscriptions.

  • Server: AFNetworking, JSONKit
  • Database: Core Data/SQLite
  • Maps: Google Maps API, MapKit


The ASAPY team has vast experience in creating mobile applications for restaurants, food delivery services and online retailers. We provide e-commerce application integration with existing accounting and warehouse software for order processing, while also ensuring their high performance and clear user interfaces.

  • Server: Async HTTP lib
  • Database: SQLite, ormlite
  • Maps: Google Maps API, MapKit


A successful e-commerce project is hardly possible without intelligent BI. ASAPY delivers all types of solutions for process automation: catalog and customer accounts management, order processing, analytics and reporting, as well as inventory management and other tools.

  • Server: Async HTTP lib
  • Database: SQLite, ormlite
  • Maps: Google Maps API, MapKit

Flexible development approach

If you’re looking to launch, expand, or revamp an e-commerce project, we can either develop it on top of an existing framework, or completely from scratch depending on the requirements.

Every project is carefully analyzed to see which technical approach will work best.


We handcraft a project from A to Z, using low-level frameworks and libraries. It usually takes more time and effort, but results in a solution tailored to the specific needs of the customer in terms of functionality, language, expected load, architecture, licensing and other aspects.

Using an existing framework

Thanks to a large number of pre-installed e-commerce features in most of the frameworks, this approach allows us to deliver cost- and time-efficient solutions, and is applicable to projects with relatively standard functionality and no specific requirements to licensing, code ownership and such. We work with off-the-shelf open source solutions and customize them to meet the customers’ objectives.


ASAPY has deep expertise in multi-channel retail and delivers e-commerce solutions that drive your revenues online. We keep an eye on the latest trends in e-commerce technologies and pay utmost attention to every aspect of your online business, allowing you to increase conversion, grow your customer base and sell more.

Reporting and Analytics

BI and reporting systems provide you with quick access to orders, payments and client data., and help streamline your sales strategy and reduce your sales cycles.


We make e-commerce solutions work with your existing software, including shopping carts, warehouse management, billing and accounting systems.


ASAPY pays special attention to the protection of sensitive data and payment transactions, and develops application following the Open Web Application Security Protocol (OWASP) recommendations to ensure its compliance to the industry standards.


At software architecture and database design stages, we forecast performance parameters to ensure your application’s high productivity, including the shortest response time and possibility to work under high loads.

User Experience

Our expert UX/UI team provides smart and logical solutions at both design and front-end development stages. We create adaptive design layouts to ensure that the application is displayed correctly on mobile devices and offers engaging shopping experience to the users.

One-stop Shop

The ASAPY team provides full-cycle development, from consulting and technical vision selection to application design, development, integration, testing, implementation, as well as further support and maintenance.

Payment gateway integration

Depending on your target audience and type of application, we enable credit card processing, mobile payments, online wallets or a complete set of payment solutions by integrating secure payment gateways. We are instrumental in integrating various payment systems, such as PayPal, Google Checkout, 2CheckOut, Authorize.net and others via their API's and ensuring full compliance with major security standards.

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