Learning Management Systems

We are experts in designing and developing complex distance learning systems. With several large projects in our portfolio, we have the knowledge and skills to help you build your own LMS with unique features.

ASAPY leverages its domain expertise, technical skills and an in-house R&D center to deliver cutting-edge learning management solutions for universities, colleges, publishers of educational content, enterprises, professional development centers and e-learning solution providers.

In-house E-learning R&D

5 Business analysts

Who know the subject matter and perform continuous R&D. They ask the right questions, go deep into your project objectives and recommend the most up-to-date tools and accelerators.

9 Solution architects

With over 10 man-years of practice in LMS, who know how to build stable, scalable, load-resistant and secure portals and systems.

7 QA engineers

Who take care of quality assurance of e-learning products, know how to address accessibility, performance and security issues through a comprehensive variety of testing services.

Expert solutions for various business needs

In every project, we address the unique objectives of our clients while taking into account their specific business environment.

We know how to approach particular business needs of:

  1. Enterprises looking to implement a corporate training solution. The ASAPY team implements custom solutions for secure online training, testing and assessment, as well as knowledge management inside the company.
  2. Universities and colleges looking to augment their curriculum with online courses and alternative programs. ASAPY acts as a “one-stop shop” for all the learning needs of educational institutions – from virtual classroom integration to business processes automation (remote education, student admission, evaluation, schedule building, etc.)
  3. Publishers of educational content looking to create additional revenue streams via new content distribution channels. With deep technology expertise in mobile and web-development , ASAPY can offer consulting on optimal e-commerce platform and tool selection, and develop highly secure solutions for content distribution, storage, search and categorization.
  4. Career enhancement and professional development centers looking to diversify the range services offered. We can offer a wide variety of tools that make remote learning a more structured process both for vendors and students. Those include event administration, automated registration, polls, social collaboration tools and many others.
  5. E-learning solution providers striving to keep current applications up-to-date and compliant with the high market requirements. The ASAPY team provides comprehensive product development outsourcing services, including product enhancement, customization, integration and quality assurance, as well as further support and maintenance.

A-Z project approach

Regardless of the project stage, whether you just have an idea for an LMS, or have launched a fully operational system, ASAPY can plug in and take over the project from your current vendor or an in-house team. We contribute our skills and expertise to provide a fully configurable environment for your needs.

End-to-end development

Utilizing our capabilities across desktop, web and mobile platforms, we provide full- cycle development and integration services for Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS).


ASAPY engineers will integrate an e-learning product into your current environment through connectors and APIs. Our development team knows how to address the challenges of loading data from various databases into the system, while QA engineers will provide an expert-level integration testing.


A proven track record of working with many off-the-shelf e-learning tools and platforms allows us to set up, customize and improve existing e-learning solutions to satisfy the specific needs of our clients.


Our e-learning competence center with an accumulated expertise of over 7 man-years will analyze your needs, design the service architecture, recommend the optimal development platform and create a detailed functional specification based on unique requirements.

Intelligent E-learning tools

ASAPY delivers all the features and functionality required to build a world-class learning management system. We provide 3 basic types of LMS-related solutions.

E-learning process automation

ASAPY develops a wide variety of modules, extensions and add-ons to automate all stages of the e-learning process. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Master schedules that capture all the lecturer, room, course and student grouping constraints
  • Assessment analysis tools across multiple subjects and years
  • Parent portals providing access to attendance, calendars, grades, and notifications

Remote education

We design and implement a set of tools to take your distance learning to a new level.

  • Live video streaming solutions for webinars
  • Competency and knowledge management
  • Mentoring and discussion boards
  • Depositories of educational materials
  • Testing tools, quizzes and assessment modules
  • Mobile learning solutions

Learning content management

Based on your requirements, we can develop custom learning content management systems that will allow you to:

  • Publish and deploy media-rich content
  • Use pre-loaded templates, testing and assessment tools to design and deliver courses without any programming knowledge
  • Use your LCMS as a secure collaboration environment with profound authoring and access rights functions
  • Store your learning materials in copy-protected e-libraries

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Technologies, methodologies and teams involved in an LMS-related project can differ. What remains immutable, however, is our commitment to deliver maximum value with every project. We provide powerful and intelligent tools that make it possible to effectively manage and allocate training resources across the entire organization.

This, in turn, leads to:

  1. Higher efficiency of the learning process Granted by anytime and anywhere access to materials, tests and tutorials.
  2. Lower overheads Compared to traditional educational facilities due to fewer personnel required to coordinate and manage all the learning, training, and administrative activities.
  3. Better control over learning progress Towards set goals via online performance tracking tools, which clearly identify success of students or employees as well as competency and skill gaps.
  4. Custom educational content Creation using an LCMS, which helps to reduce costs on content production and increases efficiency.
  5. Additional revenue streams And the possibility to expand the student/clients base, thus making a significant step into the future.
  6. Higher transparency and improved access to data For decision-makers across the entire spectrum of education stakeholders.

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