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Bespoke and customized solutions for advertising, video streaming and multimedia content distribution.

ASAPY helps the digital News & Entertainment industry players meet the consumer’s demand for instant, relevant content with our scalable, load-resistant and reliable software solutions. We think globally and follow the latest trends and best practices, while also acting locally and focusing on the adaptation of content and delivery platforms for mobile use, deep integration with social services and managing user-generated content.

Our expertise in the News & Entertainment domain is aligned with the development of vertical web portals that provide their audience with frequently updated multimedia content, aggregated news feeds, and social features.

The ASAPY team pays attention both to creating catching interactive interfaces and developing well-performing, highly scalable back-ends.

ASAPY industry focus

ASAPY cooperates with companies of different sizes and types. Being aware of industry trends, we predict audience requirements, and respond with solutions that create value for users, advertisers and our customers.

Online portals

Whether you own or start a news & broadcasting or media & entertainment portal, social network or community, we know how to combine its powerful back-end with tools and features that make for richer online experience. The ASAPY team can deliver an all-in-one solution for the complete value chain of Intranets, DMS and collaboration portals, as well as enterprise portals integrated with the core systems of our client’s business.

Game publishers

ASAPY has proven methods and techniques for creating content-rich game catalogs featuring integrated media galleries, advanced layered navigation, filtering, search tools and other elements of modern game directories. We can help game publishers create top-quality displays for their game content that are easy to maintain, offer great aesthetics and usability, allowing their customers to quickly locate and purchase the right items.

Content distribution networks

The ASAPY team can take care of the entire content distribution life cycle. By automating content management workflow, we help acquire, aggregate, enrich, deliver and promote online content across multiple platforms and eliminate possible bottlenecks. We deliver content distribution solutions on web, desktop and mobile platforms, providing seamless integration of secure payment gateways and copyright protection.

Social network startups

ASAPY delivers next-generation high-load networking solutions for messaging, media sharing and collaboration: from public world-wide social networks (job portals, dating websites, wikis and crowdfunding solutions) to private real-time enterprise collaboration tools. ASAPY’s social network solutions have a modular structure, which makes them easy to test, support, and integrate. Depending on your priorities, we develop custom solutions, or use pre-installed features to reduce costs and time-to-market.

Advertising networks

We can go beyond the borders of traditional advertising and help you deliver in-context, personalized messages that are relevant at the exact moment of customer’s online experience. ASAPY project portfolio includes ad management solutions to create, rotate, target, personalize, bill, track and monitor advertisements across multiple networks.

Video streaming services

The ASAPY team can deliver VoIP, VOD (Video on demand) and video steaming solutions, including those for webinars and learning management that provide better fan and user experience and reduce operational costs. Our solutions can include such features as content digitization, encryption, encoding, metadata management, indexing and search functions, as well as digital rights protection.

We can do it

Facing the challenges of the digital era, most of the industry players need to rethink their approaches to content supply chains and online presence. Based on our experience gained in 10+ successfully completed projects, we can offer three types of cooperation:


ASAPY business analysts examine your current situation and future objectives and offer a technology vision that will help you improve efficiency across your digital supply chain without compromising on budget or customers’ expectations.

Application development

ASAPY has considerable experience in multimedia, social networking and collaboration software development. By leveraging our expertise in service-oriented architectures (SOA), SOAP and REST protocols, and UI/UX design, we develop and implement all the necessary tools – from CMS systems to paid subscription and billing solutions to help you boost your online sales.

Helping existing solutions go mobile

News, entertainment and content management solutions are all about mobility. Our dedicated mobile development department uses the latest iOS, Android and cross-platform development technologies to help you augment your existing solutions with modern mobile apps, services and content distribution channels.

ASAPY solutions for today and tomorrow

The range of ASAPY’s solutions for the News & Entertainment industry includes, but is not limited to:

News portals

We deliver high-load CMS-based systems supporting multiple concurrently active staff members and thousands of users. The standard range of back-end portal solutions covers content management tools, news feeds and social features integration, and can definitely be extended and customized according to your business objectives.

News aggregators

Our smart solutions for news aggregation support various types of data sources, allow content conversion and repurposing, and help you eliminate manual routine content management work.

Cloud-based media content distribution systems

Utilizing cutting-edge cloud technologies, we can deliver large media content storage and distribution systems that offer universal free or paid access to media items.

Electronic libraries and archives

Having a strong focus on Learning Management Systems (LMS), we deliver easy-to-manage electronic libraries with digital rights management (DRM) protected content. Depending on your business objectives, we allow subscription-based or ad hoc access to articles, photos and other types of media content.

Social networks

We offer highly-customizable social network solutions supporting load balancing and featuring the most demanded functionality: messaging, media sharing and collaboration.

Advertising networks

Our custom advertising solutions with advanced targeting and reporting capabilities help you reach particular niche groups, monitor efficiency and create new revenue streams.

Media catalogs

We deliver extensive catalogs of media libraries (video, audio, photo) with advanced full-text and meta-data search, as well as e-commerce functionality.

ASAPY’s approach

Our flexible processes and hands-on experience with cloud-based solutions and content delivery systems enables us to step into your project at any stage of the process. We delegate dedicated business analysts, handle time-limited knowledge transfers, seamlessly blend into your production environment and ensure timely delivery of solutions that drive your business to the next level.

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