Social Networks and Collaboration

From social networks based on unique concepts to complex communication and collaboration tools tailored to your business processes – we can help make this a reality. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from our vast expertise in this field.

We can hardly imagine today’s online communications without social networks. Day by day, new niche networking communities emerge to bring people, companies, information and ideas together in one place.

As a software development company, ASAPY delivers various types of next-generation networking solutions for messaging, media sharing and collaboration: from public worldwide social networks to specialized enterprise collaboration tools.

ASAPY development talent

The ASAPY team is comprised of:

  • 50+ In-house Web-developers (.NET, Java, PHP)
  • 15+ QA engineers
  • 9+ Project Managers and Team leaders on board

To date, we’ve delivered 35+ web projects, including the development of social networks (job portals, dating websites and crowdfunding solutions) from scratch. The ASAPY development team always works side-by-side with UI experts to a high level of personalization and usability.

You can choose to delegate the entire range of development activities to our team or hire our experts at a certain stage of your project:

  • Business and technical analysis
  • Requirements specification
  • UI/UX prototyping
  • Visual design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • QA
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Custom networking solutions

We are fully capable of creating powerful collaboration tools tailored to the specific industry’s or company’s requirements.

We address the needs of:

  1. Enterprises Looking to speed up communications and performance or liven up their corporate portals by adding an internal social network.
  2. Professional communities Aiming to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience.
  3. NGO’s Seeking a way to unite their members and followers.
  4. Sport teams, religious unions and other organizations Willing to build and develop online communities.

Application integration scenarios

ASAPY delivers solutions created for business and designed for people. We combine the focus on excellent usability with a KPI-based approach to deliver value both to users/employees and leaders/stakeholders.

Depending on the project type and objectives, you will be able to:

Communicate and share

People can share their experience or discuss ideas in real time.

Get instant access to data

Tons of routine operations are avoided when all information is stored in one place.

Concentrate on what matters

Work gets done faster when there is no distraction from excessive emails or meetings.

Stay connected

Any question gets answered faster if one addresses it to a community, not a single person.

Increase performance

We make it easy to manage projects, find and store documents, track and meet deadlines.

Create and innovate

Online communities provide a fertile environment for new ideas and improvements.

Types of solutions

We have a set of proven tools and techniques for transforming businesses through the use of social networking and online collaboration. All our solutions can be adapted to your company or project unique goals and objectives.

Web-based collaboration tools and platforms

ASAPY can provide a technical vision and implement all necessary processes and tools to unlock the collective power of your organization. We provide the tools that help your employees to better understand their role, exchange information, track progress, and get your team, clients and partners working together regardless of where they are.

Custom communication tools

We create an open communication environment where top managers and employees, or sometimes clients and users, can stay connected and get real-time feedback. Our proven solutions help enterprises reduce dependence on email, eliminate duplication of effort and connect people who have questions with those who have answers or solutions.

Social networks with mobile support

It’s a typical situation when a support team member works on an assigned task without the benefit for the team’s collective knowledge. We develop solutions, including support automation tools and searchable knowledge databases, to harness the collective wisdom of support teams and help them quickly resolve users’ problems.

Crowdsourcing solutions

We can provide a turn-key solution, from concept to implementation, to engage a large base of fans and followers to take part in the creation of ground-breaking products and services. Apart from developing a convenient platform for project presentation, exchange of ideas and social marketing, we will be able to integrate the most popular payment gateways to facilitate the fundraising process.

Flexible engagement models

We offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of choosing the optimal cooperation model. No matter what you choose, we guarantee high-quality project management, efficient communications, hassle-free knowledge transfer and a fast project start.

Dedicated development team

Fixed price

Time & Material

Best works for these projects: Long and complex projects lasting 6+ months that require additional resources or a fresh independent expert analysis and supervision. Projects with well-documented functionality and set deadlines. Dynamic projects with constantly changing requirements.

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